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Cahill Furniture and Funeral Parlor in the 1940's photo

Cahill Furniture Store and Funeral Parlor
The original frame building that housed the family owned Cahill Furniture, Carpets, Ambulance and Undertaking Business was built in 1893 by Thomas W. Cahill on Main Street of Sisseton. Thomas W. was joined by his eldest son, Neil J. Cahill in 1927 and the business kept expanding. The first hearse was drawn by a team of matched horses with a special harness, rigging and nets. Later, the firm had a Dodge hearse, their first motorized vehicle which was a combination funeral and ambulance coach. On March 1, 1950, the original frame building and three other businesses were destroyed by fire and another business damaged. The Furniture Store was rebuilt in 1952; a new masonry structure doubled the size of the building. The Funeral Chapel was moved to Neil and Vivian’s home at 522 6th Ave. East Sisseton. A wooden structure, 26 feet by 82 feet with stucco on the outside of the building, was built in 1951 at 516 East Cherry St. Sisseton. The new structure and business was owned and operated by Neil and Vivian Cahill. In 1955, Neil and Vivian were joined by their eldest son, Thomas H. Cahill. In 1960, a 26 by 82 foot cement block addition was added. In October 1969, Thomas H. Cahill purchased the Funeral Chapel from his parents. In 1973, Vivian and Neil Cahill retired and the Cahill furniture Store was sold to A. W. and Margie Hannasch. However, Neil stayed active in the funeral home until his death on November 14, 1977. In 1979, Tom was joined by his wife, Kaye, in the business. In the fall of 1986, a 26 by 34 foot wooden structure was added providing an office, arrangement room and visitation room. After the untimely death of Thomas H. Cahill on August 10, 1990, his wife, Kaye, continues to own and operate Cahill Funeral Chapel. This business is one of the oldest businesses in the city of Sisseton.